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Part II of Assessing the Caspian Horse was held

The webinar was organised by the Caspian Conservation Society and was presented by Ateshé Firouz and Elizabeth Webster.

The assessment process was reviewed in detail and an illustrated explanation was given of the Caspian breed standard. Assessment is a key part of the registration process for entry of foundation stock into the International Studbook (ICSB). It is also recommended that Caspian horse breeders be familiar with how to assess the Caspian in accordance with International breed standards in order to carry out selective breeding.

The webinar was attended by more than 30 Caspian breeders , experts and enthusiasts from different countries.

This workshop was interactive with four participants sharing their views and experience regarding the assessment of Caspian horses.

Correction in the presentation of Part II of Assessing the Caspian Horse: ‘The breed was established ONLY 57 years ago’.

The purpose of holding these webinars is to raise the level of specialized knowledge for those interested in the protection of this endangered species.

Subsequent events will be announced through the CCS’s website.

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