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Swedish Caspian Horse Association

Swedish Caspian Horse Association is a association that started in 2002, whose goal is to preserve and promote the Caspian horse in Sweden.

The association is associated with The International Caspian Society, Svenska Ponnyavelsföreningen and Svenska Hästavelsförbundet.

The association organizes exhibitions and other activities annually.

The purpose of the association

The purpose of the association is to maintain and encourage purebred breed of Caspian horse in Sweden in accordance with the rules of the International Caspian Association (ICS) and in accordance with Swedish law and for this purpose, among other things:

● actively work for the breeding work to be carried out expertly and efficiently,
● work for the race’s development and forecasting so that the horses become suitable use and competition horses for, in particular, the youth, as well as
● Promote and spread knowledge about the Caspian horse.


Membership may be granted to a natural person who has paid a fixed membership fee.

A member may withdraw from the association at any time. If membership fee has not been paid despite two reminders, the member is deemed to have left the association.

A member who has violated the statutes or regulations of the association or who is deemed to have opposed the purpose of the association or injured it may be excluded from the association as decided by the board. Correction can be sought at the next annual meeting and the board is then required to record this on the agenda.

SCHA Board 2018

Tommy Carlsson

Vice Chairman
Anna Kviegård

Asta Bergström

Lena Carrasco

Marina Mellander
Martina Larsson-Huldén

Åsa Knutsson
Sussan Ring

Eva Dahlsten

Association representative: Lena Carrasco
Youth responsible: Martina Larsson-Huldén
Youth representatives: Ida Knutsson and Astrid Ring

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