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Part II of Assessing the Caspian Horse was held

The webinar was organised by the Caspian Conservation Society and was presented by Ateshé Firouz and Elizabeth Webster.

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Assessing the Caspian Horse, Part II

The second part of Assessing the Caspian Horse is designed to allow people to participate individually by assessing a horse ‘live’ followed by a general discussion.

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Assessing the Caspian horse webinar

The Caspian Conservation Society is hosting a Webinar about assessing the Caspian horse on January 27th, 2022.

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It was a cold crisp November morning when we arrived at the Norouzabad Equestrian Center southwest of Tehran to attend the 1st Breed Show organised by the Caspian Conservation Society with the sponsorship of Part Stud […]

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roxane caspiens , اسب کاسپین در فرانسه

Roxane Caspiens

roxane caspiens – Nous avons connu les Caspiens par un membre de la famille qui nous a emmené voir des poulains à l’élevage Rosmear, le seul élevage de Caspiens qui existait à cette époque. Auparavant […]

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