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Caspian Horse Society (UK)

Caspian Horse Society

Caspian Horse Society is founder member of the International Caspian Society, which holds registration details of all Caspians bred worldwide to Louise Firouz’s Breed Standards and registered by approved national ICS member societies.

Our aim is
‘To preserve, promote and protect the rare Caspian Horse ’

The earliest Iranian breeding records were handed over to the Society’s founders for safekeeping when the first Iranian breeding stock arrived here in 1974. In 1978 the original society published the 1st International Caspian Stud Book, which holds details of both early Iranian and British born Caspian Horses.

In 2011, the European Commission granted the Caspian Horse Society the valuable status of holding the ‘Stud Book of Origin’ (or ‘mother stud book’), guardians of the longest continuously maintained Caspian Stud Book. It is a DEFRA approved Passport Issuing Organisation for the breed.

Those wishing to breed and register Caspian Horses will find detailed information on the Passports and Registrations and Stallion Licensing page. You will also find guidance for Buying and Selling on the Caspians for sale page, a list of Licensed Stallions at Stud on the Caspian Stallions at Stud page and rules and tips on showing your Caspian on the Caspian Breed Standard and Showing Rules page.

New owners are welcomed and CHS will do all we can to assist you whatever you hope to do with your Caspian. If this site does not answer all your questions, please contact our Registrar Here.


Mrs Ateshe Larsson-Firouz

Mrs Elizabeth Mansfield-Parnell

Dr Gus Cothran, Mrs Elizabeth Webster


Mrs Jane Holderness-Roddam (Chairman)

Mrs Angela Davies (Company Secretary)

Ms Nichola Waddicor (Treasurer)

Mrs Vicki Shortis (Magazine Co-Editor)

Ms Barbara Smathers (Magazine Co-Editor)

Mr John Sansome

Ms Janet Dedicoat

Ms Penny Walster

Ms Rebecca Mann

Mrs Ruth Staines (Registrar)

Membership Secretary: Dr Sheilagh Nisbet MRCVS



REGISTRAR and all enquiries
Mrs Ruth Staines   email    Phone: 00447776152751



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