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About Caspian Horse

Great history

caspian history , تاریخچه اسب کاسپین

Caspian history

Research into the history and origin of this elegant horse proved the ancient lineage of the Caspian. It was identified, as a royal breed previously thought long extinct.

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Louise Firouz , لوئیز فيروز

Louise Firouz

By: Ateshe Firouz Louise Laylin Firouz grew up surrounded by horses. She rode to school along forest trails as a child in rural North Virginia. Life on a farm left an indelible impression on the […]

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Breed Standard

THE CASPIAN HORSE BREED STANDARD General The Caspian is a horse, not a pony, and therefore should be viewed in the same manner as when judging a well-bred horse, that is, the limbs, body and […]

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Caspian horses in ancient Persia

Horse with rich history

In the role of Rustam, Shapur was embarked on a Caspian horse at the feast of victory over the Roman Emperor.

Shapur Sasanian Empire

Cast Gold Chariot includes the dwarf-god Bes – this sculpture is a little over 7 inches long.
Achaemenid Empire

Oxus treasure, gold model of horse drawn Achaemenid Empire


All about Caspian horse

Caspian Horse Genetics

Caspian horses are cute little riding horses that are becoming popular mounts for children. Even though they are small (9-12hh) they are referred to as horses as they are more similar in phenotype (how they […]

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تنوع ژنتیکی, microsatellite

The study of genetic variability of Arabian and Caspian horses using microsatellite

Our findings were in agreement with other studies in that microsatellite DNA genotyping is useful for individual identification, and paternity and maternity verification on horse population.

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Horse colour vision put to test in Caspian ponies

Researchers in Iran have put equine colour vision to the test and found that ponies can indeed see colour, and can discriminate between colours and grey.

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Hair mineral contents of Caspian horse as a breed diagnostic tool

The results of this study also showed some advantages for hair mineral concentrations as a helpful diagnostic tool in identifying specific breeds such as the Caspian horse.

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