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The Caspian Horse Society Of The Americas

Caspian Horse Society of the Americas

The Caspian Horse Society of the Americas was formed in 1994 to promote and protect the Caspian horse in the United States and surrounding countries.

The Caspian Horse Society of the Americas (CHSA)

The CHSA was formed in 1994 to promote and protect the Caspian horse in the United States and surrounding countries. The CHSA maintains the Official Caspian Horse Breed Registry and Stud Book in the Western Hemisphere.

The CHSA is the only Caspian Horse Society in the World to be associated and approved by the International Caspian Horse Society that requires permanent identification (AVID Microchip implantation) and positive verification of parentage through DNA of the horses listed in both the Purebred and Partbred CHSA Stud Books.

The CHSA is also a member of the Livestock Conservancy, in which the Caspian horse is protected under the distinction as a Critical Rare Breed. The Livestock Conservancy works to conserve heritage breeds and genetic diversity in livestock. The Caspian also is protected under the Rare Breeds Survival Trust of the United Kingdom, which has placed them on the Endangered Species List.

The Caspian Horse in America

The first Caspian to leave Iran was imported into the United States on April 15, 1966. Jehan* was a beautiful 12 hand liver chestnut stallion, found in 1965 by Louise Firouz in the mountain province of Mazanderan in Iran.

This lively 2 year old stallion spent the first year with Louise at her farm near Teheran being trained to ride and drive. Jehan’s trip to the United States involved a very long flight that included stops in Lebanon, Cyprus, Italy, Switzerland and England, finally to New York for sixty days of quarantine.

Displaying the typical Caspian temperament, he remained calm and curious throughout the entire ordeal. He then traveled to his new home in Great Falls, Virginia to meet his new lifelong owner and companion, Mrs. Kathleen McCormick. Jehan* participated in many exhibitions and shows throughout his long life.

Although there were no purebred Caspian mares located in the United States for the continuation of his purebred line, he sired numerous part bred foals before his death at Sycamore Hill Farm, Lovettsville, Virginia in December of 1993.

Next to arrive in the United States was a yearling grey stallion, Mehregan, in 1973. Mehregan traveled from Iran to a farm for disadvantaged children in Connecticut.

He spent his entire life devoted to the joy of the needy children who passed through this exceptional facility called the Green Chimney Farm. Unfortunately he passed away in the fall of 1994 before having the opportunity to sire any offspring.

The continuation of the Caspian survival saga occurred in May, 1994, when 2 stallions, Kineton Kalif and Runnymede Karamat and 5 mares, Mullacot Bathsheba, Mullacot Chestnut, Runnymede Beryl, Henden Shazee, and Shepton Terraneh were im­ported from the United Kingdom into the United States.

This importation represents the first time that Caspian mares arrived in the United States to secure a purebred breeding program. Later that year stallions, Henden Hannibal, Darkhorse Siydeh and Darkhorse Siykander and mares, Mote Shalaby, Runnymede Camelia, Jandowae Shahsva, Darkhorse Tiram and Costessa Bellamira joined the new breeding program set up at the Monastery of St. Clare in Brenham, Texas.

This exceptionally beautiful herd of Caspians represented the offspring of foundation lines imported from Iran to England in the early 1970’s. Under the care of Mr. John Garza, Sister Angela Chandler, Mrs. Patricia Love, and with the business guidance of Mr. Patrick Carmack the partnership of ProtoArabian Horses, L.L.C. began to promote sales of the Caspian horse to establish more individual breeders.

Twelve of the original fifteen imported Caspians were sold to establish the Caspian breeding farms of Alpha & Omega Farms-Houston Texas, Genesis Farms-Pinellas Park Florida, Pohl Caspians-College Station Texas, Millennium Farms-Louisiana, Southwest Caspians and several other farms.

In 1995 and 1996 ProtoArabian imported 23 more Caspians to further expand their breeding and sales program. Ten of these were sold to enhance the breeding programs of the existing Caspian breeders and establish new breeders.

In February 1995 the first shipment of 9 Caspians representing the foundation lines that had been exported from Iran to Australia and New Zealand in the 1970’s, found their new home at MCC Farms in Brenham, Texas.

Felix and Joyce Covington purchased 2 stallions, Chippendale Khastan and Marida Manzel and 6 mares, Chippendale Fauzia with colt foal Chippendale Bahram at foot, Chippendale Khaifah, Chippendale Balkis, Cheleken Zemestani, Cheleken Kizzy-Kola and Marida Jostan to start the important task of breeding to preserve and expand the valuable Caspian bloodlines throughout the world.

Between 1995 to 1998 the Covingtons have imported 30 additional Caspians from Australia and England and continue to breed one of the most diverse selection of foundation lines available in the United States.

Exciting news centered around their farm on October 7, 1995 when MCCs America’s Premier Laila was born, the first purebred Caspian foal born in the United States and again on September 15, 1998 when Laila foaled the first 2nd generation purebred foal, MCCs Bahrams American Sahar.

In 2008, the Caspian horse world-wide registered population still number only 1600, an estimated 220 of these are now deceased and many are still in Iran.

Even though the United States can boast of having over 500 of these aristocratic equines they still may face the possibil­ity of extinction as they will for years to come, though survival prospects have greatly im­proved. Thanks to the unre­mitting efforts of Louise Firouz and others, this royal horse is slowly but surely be­ing restored to its former honored place among horse breeds.

Registrar’s address:

CHSA Registry, PO Box 23, Wamego, KS 66547


CHSA Board of Directors:

Dick Kearley, President

Gene Gilbert, Vice President

Tina Staples, Secretary

Mary Ellenberger, Treasurer

Marion Cox, Board Member


Recorded Total Caspian Population Registered With the CHSA as of August 2017

Imported Caspians:                            164

USA Born Pure Bred Caspians:        522

USA Born Part Bred Caspians:         63

CHSA Issued Stallion Licenses         128

reference : CHSA website

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