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About The Caspian Conservation Society – CCS

The Caspian Conservation Society (CCS) was registered on 19thMarch 2018, following approvals from the Ministry of agriculture-jihad and Ministry of interior (registration # 108 / National ID # 14007502841.
Caspian Conservation Society (CCS) is a non-governmental, private organization with a national scope of practice composed of volunteerswith no political affiliations.

The constitution of the CCS is in accordance with the template of the issued by the ministry of interior of Iran as the constitutions for NGOs.

A summary of CCS’s constitution:

Geographical area of function: National (All across the Iran)
The duration of functions for the CCS is unlimited.

Components of the society are as follows:
General Assembly
Board of Directors


A. Generalities

  1. To preserve, protect, and help with survival of the Caspian as a nationaltreasure
  2. To promote the use of this Iranian invaluable horse breed

B. Governance

  1.  The CCS will promote the breed standard for Caspian and the national / international rules and regulation for registration of CaspianCaspian-like breeds (Taleshi); and will established the procedures to issue and maintain a record of certificates for stallions; breeding; birth (foals); death; change of ownership, and …
  2.  The CCS will compile a census based on the Identification of horses according to national and international standards (for “individual identification of horses”),and will update the information for breeders, owners ,scholars and enthusiasts.
  3.  The CCS will compile, edit and update the information with regards to pedigree of Caspian and Caspian-like horses and publish this information following receiving approval from the authorities.
  4.  The CCS will organize and manage shows, events, conferences, national and international educational events related to Cultural, art, equestrian aspects of breeding Caspian and assisted reproductive technologies.
  5.  Support and promote breeding of Caspian horses in more remote rural areas of Iran.
  6.  The CCS will participate in Identification and application of microchips, and will oversee sampling for testing of Caspian horse and will facilitate access to all current and historic test results for Caspian horses.
  7.  The CCS will apply for membership, cooperation and collaboration with International Caspian Society and any other national and international organizations, societies or NGOs.
  8.  The CCS will Support breeders, researchers and provide specific education to those interested in Caspian
  9.  The CCS will protect physical and intellectual rights of Caspian horse breeders.
  10.  The CCS will collaborate with researchers and academic institutions.

Requirements for Official membership:

  •  Ownership of at least One registered Caspian horse with CCS’s stud book
  •  Acceptance of the CCS’s constitution
  •  Payment of membership fees
  •  18 years or older
  •  Approval of the application by the Board of directors

Membership types:

Official membership: this type of membership is reserved for those applicants whom meet all the above-mentioned requirements for “Official Membership”. These members would have the right to vote and candidacy to the board of director .

Unofficial membership: This type of membership is for applicants whom do not meet all the above-mentioned requirements for “Official Membership” but their membership is deemed productive and important with regards to the objective of the CCS. These members would NOT have the right to vote and candidacy to the board of director.

Honorary Membership: This type of membership is reserved for those who have had significant contribution to the Caspian (conservation and or research). These members may be granted “Honorary status” upon ratification by the board of directors.

Technical Committee:

Mehdi Bakhtiari

Bahman Alyari

Parvin Yeganehpur

Saeed Bahrami

Amirhoushang Paridar

Abbas Salehi

Houshang Dehghanzadeh


Studbook Committee:

Registrar: Zahra Bakhtiari ,

Parvin Yeganehpour

Parisa Aminaie

Roghayeh Saadi

Mandana Khatir

Hameh Taheri

Saeed Bahrami

Houshang Dehghanzadeh

Reza Naseri Hersini

Abbas Salehi


CCS Board:

Ateshe Firouz    Consultant
Farshad Maloufi    Consultant
Mohammad Javad Dehghan    Managing Director       ( )
Mahdiyar Pirzadeh                    Chairman of the Board
 Zahra Bakhtiari ,   Registrar ( )