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About The Caspian Conservation Society – CCS

Caspian Conservation Society (CCS)

Registered number: 108

National registered number:  ۱۴۰۰۷۵۰۲۸۴۱

The “Caspian Conservation Society” was registered on March 19, 2018 (registration #108; the National ID 14007502841 with the “Ministry of Interior Affairs of Iran”.

The Caspian Conservation Society (CCS) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit, and voluntary organization. The duration of activities for The “Caspian Conservation Society” is unlimited.

The pillars for governance of The “CCS” include:

  1.  General Assembly
  2.  Board of Directors ( Appointed by the members)
  3.  Inspector

The purpose of The CCS Shall be:

A. Generalities

  1. To preserve and protect the Caspian Horse.
  2. To promote the utilization and expand the use of Caspian Horses.
  3. To support breeders and promote research and provide education / training to those interested in conservation and utilization of Caspian Horses.
  4. To help with protection of material and intellectual rights of Caspian horse breeders.

B. Approach

  1. To specify methods for registration and record keeping of Caspian horses and stud book.
  2. Identification and maintaining records of Caspian horses, Breeders, owners, enthusiasts and those involved in research on Caspian horses
  3. Collect and up-to-date records of Birth and death of registered Caspian horses.
  4. Publication of Iranian caspians studbook
  5. Contribute and support Caspian breeders shows, participate in conferences and all the educational events related to the breed and equestrian use for Caspian horses
  6. Cooperation with other related governmental and NGO parties involved in breeding and equestrian use for Caspian horses
  7. provide consultation to relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations on matters related to breeding and equestrian use for Caspian horses

Terms and condition for Membership with the CCS:

  • Having at least one Caspian horse registered in the CCS Studbook
  • Accepting the statute of CCS
  • Payment of membership
  • Having at least 18 years-old

Categories of membership:

Regular membership: such members shall meet all the requirements for membership. Regular Members shall have the right to vote and to stand as a members of Board of Directors .

Associate membership: Includes members who do not own any Caspian horse but are enthusiasts and willing to promote the “Caspian Conservation Society” goals. Such members shall not vote or become candidate to stand as a members of Board of Directors . They shall pay Associate membership fees.

Honorary Membership: Individuals who share the common goals of the “Caspian Conservation Society” and have a history of contributing to the breed and conservation of the Caspian, recognized by the Board of Directors as the honorary members.

Technical Committee:

Farshad Maloufi  ( )

Soheil Yousefnia

Bahman Alyari

Parvaneh Yeganehpur

Amirhoushang Paridar

Saeed Bahrami

Fatemeh Tayouri

Mehdi Bakhtiari

Ahmad Ghorbanee

CCS Board:

Mohammad Javad Dehghan    Managing Director
Mahdiyar Pirzadeh                    Chairman of the Board


Download Forms

Personal Membership Form(PDF File)

legal Membership Form (PDF File)

Horse Info Form  (PDF File)