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Assessing the Caspian horse webinar

The Caspian Conservation Society is hosting a Webinar about assessing the Caspian horse on January 27th, 2022.

The Guest Speakers are Ateshe Firouz and Elizabeth Webster who will speak on “Assessing the Caspian Horse”.
Please share this information with everyone that maybe wants to attend . Please send an email to to sign up and request log in information for the Webinar.
We look forward to seeing you all on the zoom call.
 The Webinar is scheduled to begin at 16:30 CET (Belgium time).
(Local time zones are 3:30pm UK, 4:30pm Belgium and Sweden, 7pm Iran, 11:30pm Perth, AU, 2:30am Jan 28th Sydney, AU, 4:30am Jan 28th, 7:30am PST, 8:30am MST, 9:30am CST, 10:30am EST.



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