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Evaluation of blood serum mineral and thyroid hormone concentration of Caspian Miniature Horses fed with different diets

The ratios between minerals showed better correlations with STH concentrations than the minerals individually.

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Hair mineral contents of Caspian horse as a breed diagnostic tool

The results of this study also showed some advantages for hair mineral concentrations as a helpful diagnostic tool in identifying specific breeds such as the Caspian horse.

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serum mineral

Effects of Dietary Mineral Intake on Hair and Serum Mineral Contents of Horses

The results of this study have provided baseline data on hair and serum mineral elements that together with information available previously on this topic could be useful for veterinarians and equine nutritionist.

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مکمل عناصرمعدنی , mineral supplement

Effects of mineral supplement and feed intake restriction on physical characteristics and growth of mane hair in Caspian horse

Physical characteristics of mane hair of Caspian horse is affected by mineral supplement and daily feed intake restriction, and should be used as an indicator of feeding the Caspian Horse.

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mammary gland

Ultrasonographic Examination of Mammary Glands in Caspian Mares during the Lactation and Dry Period

The aim of this study was to determine the normal ultrasonographic and morphologic appearance of mammary gland and teat in Caspian mares during lactation and dry period.

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lipoprotein , ليپوپروتئين

Serum lipid and lipoprotein patterns of Iranian horses

The lipoprotein phenotype in Caspian ponies may be useful for evaluating metabolic diseases.

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Perineal sarcoid in a Caspian miniature horse

Based on the morphologic and histologic findings, a diagnosis of equine sarcoid was made. Results of bacteriologic tests and fungal culture of the mass were negative.

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سنگ مثانه

A Clinical Case: Bladder Rupture Associated With Massive Fecal Impaction (Fecaloma) in Caspian Miniature Horse

An 8-years old male Caspian miniature horse was referred to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of the University of the Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch due to depression, anorexia, sub acute abdominal pain, restless, […]

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fibroblasts of caspian

Growth characteristics of fibroblasts isolated from neck and limb of Caspian miniature horse: In vitro study

According to the results of this study, there is a noticeable deference in growth behavior of neck fibroblasts in comparison with the limb fibroblasts in Caspian miniature horse .

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