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Nordiclights SWE

Nordiclights is a farm for breeding Caspian horse and American miniature horse, located in Sweden .

We have always had a lot of interest in horses. Emma’s first racing pony was the Caspian stud Darkhorse Shimari that we bought in 2003.

Two years later, we moved to our horse farm in Knivsta and gained more space for the horses and we decided to cover our groin which became the start of our breeding.

In order to obtain good breeding material and unique bloodlines we have imported horses from, among other things, England, France, Germany and the United States.

A few years after our move to Knivsta we finally got to buy our very first American miniature horse that was for sale, a breeding stall we had a long time watching and wanted to buy.

In 2014, we imported several meritized breeds and breeding stallions, which became a major asset to our breeding and today is the basis of our breeding program. Our goal is to breed healthy horses with a very good exterior and ability to compete in different branches.

We are very proud to have given birth to a number of gold-rated, approved breeders & Supreme Winning Horses! We also have export experience and have exported horses to the Netherlands, the UK and the Scandinavian countries.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of our horses, cover or just want to know more about the different breeds!

Emma & Margareta Lindahl
Nordiclights Stuteri


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  1. Hallo . I ve got a Caspian named Burghof Minu from Sirhowy Sanjar, and Rosmear Tiz Taz Too. I have to look for a new home for her because of private reasons. I think the best place is a breeder . Please contact me if you are interestet or if you have a idea who can be interestet in breeding with her. She has got a equide passport and a certificate of Registration of the caspian horse society. she is seven years old.
    phone 0040 1522 9273765 Alexandra LEonhardt

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