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تنوع ژنتیکی, microsatellite

The study of genetic variability of Arabian and Caspian horses using microsatellite

Our findings were in agreement with other studies in that microsatellite DNA genotyping is useful for individual identification, and paternity and maternity verification on horse population.

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Establishment and characterization of Caspian horse fibroblast cell bank in Iran

In this study, 51 fibroblast cell lines from Caspian horse ear marginal tissue were successfully established by sampling 60 horses using primary explant technique.

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Genic Variant Detection of Caspian Horse Using High-throughput Sequencing Technology

Recently, new advanced high-throughput sequencing technology as a novel tool has opened the way to study of genomic variants and functional information stored within farm animals.

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Humans and horses weaved together wonderful stories of adventure and generosity. As a part of human history and civilization, Arabian horses ignite imagination throughout the world. Populations of this breed exist in many countries.

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Genetic Diversity in the Modern Horse Illustrated from Genome-Wide SNP Data

This report describes the use of a genome-wide set of autosomal SNPs and 814 horses from 36 breeds to provide the first detailed description of equine breed diversity.

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Caspian Horse Genetics

Caspian horses are cute little riding horses that are becoming popular mounts for children. Even though they are small (9-12hh) they are referred to as horses as they are more similar in phenotype (how they […]

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Genetic Structure , ساختار ژنتیکی

A Study of the Genetic Structure of Iranian Native Horses

Caspian and Kurd horse populations showed significant differences with other populations and sequences from the GenBank.

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Caspian horse population

Analysis of genetic diversity and estimation of inbreeding coefficient within Caspian horse population using microsatellite markers

When both genealogical and molecular information is available, it can be combined to calculate the coancestry conditional on markers which might better help to estimate the genetic structure of Caspian horse population.

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