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Genetic Characterization

Genetic Characterization and Bottleneck Demographic Assessment of Caspian Horse Population

This study was determined the efficiency of microsatellite markers for conservation plans and breeding strategies in Caspian horse population.

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Genic Variant Detection of Caspian Horse Using High-throughput Sequencing Technology

Recently, new advanced high-throughput sequencing technology as a novel tool has opened the way to study of genomic variants and functional information stored within farm animals.

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sperm quality , کیفیت اسپرم

European Domestic Horses Originated in Two Holocene Refugia

Since admixture can affect patterns of genetic diversity, we estimated the contribution of three Middle Eastern horse breeds (Arab, Akhal Teke, Caspian) to all other breeds in our dataset.

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A new phenogroup in the horse D system of red cell alloantigens found in the Caspian Pony

A new D blood group phenogroup consisting of the specificities adeo was observed in a stallion family of Caspian ponies from Iran. An additional six undescribed genetic variants were seen in a total of 82 […]

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Genetic variation and genetic conservation of a rare breed

Measures of genetic variation were near the average for domestic breeds with the Iranian sample slightly more variable. Caspian ponies had highest genetic similarity with other Arab type breeds and the two samples were more […]

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Caspian ponies

A cytogenetic study of the Caspian pony

The group of Caspian ponies studied contained some animals with 65 chromosomes and others with 64 chromosomes. The morphology and G-banding pattern of the chromosomes resembled those of Equus caballus and E. przewalskii.

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