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Caspian ponies

A cytogenetic study of the Caspian pony

The group of Caspian ponies studied contained some animals with 65 chromosomes and others with 64 chromosomes. The morphology and G-banding pattern of the chromosomes resembled those of Equus caballus and E. przewalskii.

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caspian horse

Haematology of the Caspian Pony

Relative to thoroughbreds and standardbreds the Caspian pony has a lower erythrocyte sedimentation rate and a lower basophil count.

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Several years ago word spread that a new breed of horse, like a miniature Arabian. had been found on the shores of the Caspian in Iran.

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A Rare Pony on the Shores of the Caspian

The Caspian pony provides the first living evidence to support the usually rejected theory that a separate rare of horses was grazing the foothills of the Zagros Mountains long befor the domestic horse was introduced […]

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The puzzle of the Caspian pony

This pony, which for want of a better name I describe as the “Caspian pony” is a small, slim, neatly-proportioned animal, showing generally plenty of quality, and, at its best, like a Arab horse in […]

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