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It was a cold crisp November morning when we arrived at the Norouzabad Equestrian Center southwest of Tehran to attend the 1st Breed Show organised by the Caspian Conservation Society with the sponsorship of Part Stud […]

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Brenda Dalton has been involved with the Caspian horse since 1976 and owns the pre-revolution Iranian foundation mare, Shirine.

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genetic diversity

Genetic Diversity of Persian Arabian Horses and Their Relationship to Other Native Iranian Horse Breeds

The results of this study suggest a rich genetic diversity in the Persian Arabian horses and a clear genetic differentiation with Turkemen and Caspian breeds.

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Nordiclights SWE

Nordiclights is a farm for breeding Caspian horse and American miniature horse, located in Sweden .

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Genetic Characterization

Genetic Characterization and Bottleneck Demographic Assessment of Caspian Horse Population

This study was determined the efficiency of microsatellite markers for conservation plans and breeding strategies in Caspian horse population.

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roxane caspiens , اسب کاسپین در فرانسه

Roxane Caspiens

roxane caspiens – Nous avons connu les Caspiens par un membre de la famille qui nous a emmené voir des poulains à l’élevage Rosmear, le seul élevage de Caspiens qui existait à cette époque. Auparavant […]

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Sunset Ridge Ranch

Sunset Ridge Ranch USA

Sunset Ridge Ranch is located in the mountains of the San Francisco Peninsula.

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Enterprise Farms

Enterprise Farms USA

Enterprise Farms is a multidisciplinary riding facility. We specialize in classical equitation, hunters, jumpers, dressage, and children’s programs.

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